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Gold tree is the finest retailer of ethnic wear in India, with pieces carefully hand-picked from all over the country. Our exquisite collection embodies the artistry and creativity of Indian textiles, curating products that celebrate age-old techniques and crafts that are elegant, beautiful, and unique to Indian tradition.

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Monday - Friday: 09:00AM - 6:30PM Hotel Dreamland, Behind Bus Stand, Mahabaleshwar, Satara-412806. +91 9860000975

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Welcome to gold tree

A true celebration of the talent and craftsmanship held in Indian textiles, Gold Tree is the largest retailer of ethnic wear in India, with a curated collection, carefully handpicked by expert artisans. The assortment of beautiful clothing on display is diverse and rich, reflecting our love for India’s celebrated talent. Our products are a glorious representation of the heritage of Indian textiles, blended with modern techniques to create artistry of the future. Help us preserve our tradition and culture, with elegant ethnic wear that’s unique, high quality, and carefully sourced from the choicest of local artisans.

gold tree: celebrating Indian heritage

At Gold Tree, we tapped into the regional variations of artistry, right from weaving, embroidery, block printing, zardozi, gota patti, handlooms, and more, revealing the true magnificence of each technique and style used by skilled weavers and artisans, today. Each element of our products, ranging from the dyes, to the yarns and imprints, is hand checked at length for authenticity and quality, giving you the best of ethnic wear that, we guarantee, you won’t find off any other shelf. Step away from mass-produced pieces, allowing your wardrobe to glisten with the eclectic hues of true Indian heritage reflected in your clothing.


gold tree: the true magnificence of Indian textiles

Despite authentic handloom work being considered rare to find in today’s day and age, driving the price up in various markets, we believe in fair pricing on each product, giving you the best offers available. We bring to you the best of classic and contemporary designs and weaves with elegant patterns and motifs crafted with finesse. Our motive is to bring to the fore, the true magnificence of Indian textiles and art forms that are fast fading in today’s world, giving you the opportunity to enhance your wardrobe, filling it with unique, stand out pieces for an elegant look, no matter where you are.

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